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Plan B

Since my desperate search for employment has gotten me exactly nowhere, I decided to branch out and try new things. I recently placed an ad on two different sites to promote myself as a professional manny. Yes, I have turned myself into a babysitter. After several spam emails, I finally got a legit inquiry this past week and answered it.

I went to interview with the mother that needed her baby sat. First off, her place is a dump. I'm being polite with that description too. There is garbage all over and papers stacked on the dinning room table up to a foot high. Bill collectors called twice while we were talking (to which she yelled at the phone to stop calling her). They were nice enough people, but they really don't seem to be able to afford anything. I went in with the intention of asking about $7 an hour. She insisted she couldn't pay more then $5 an hour, and in desperation I agreed. (After looking at the house, I really wanted to ask for a lot more). Fast forward to today when she leaves me a message to call her back. She seems to have a problem with our pricing agreement. After much contemplation, she decides she can't afford more then $2 an hour. My first reaction is that of shock. I mean....really? REALLY? Would that even cover gas? NO. After I realized that taking care of her kids would not only infect me with new variations of herpes by just touching their kitchen counter but that I wouldn't even be able to afford a morning latte with her new pay rate, I told her there was no way I was going any lower. I suggested she find somebody else that will practically work for free and that was that. Unreal....that's all I can think about it all.

In other news, I just got done watching this French musical on Sundance channel this evening. It's called Love Songs, and it stars my favorite French beau, Louis Gerral.

It was an interesting film, and I absolutely loved the ending. I mean, how can you not love it when a gorgeous man buries his girlfriend only to find out he really needs a boyfriend? :) The musical numbers were not all that magical, but it was sweet and I would love to watch it again sometime.

OK then....it is a dark 2:26am and I really need my sleep. Gotta wake up early to get the kiddos to school on time. Babysitting for a bit tomorrow, then hopefully I can meet up with Kevin in some fashion. :)