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Maybe America doesn't deserve health care.

Contrary to what my last post stated, I have come up with something that I really need to talk about. And that is the ongoing health care "debate" that's going on right now. So many things about this "debate" upset me that this is going to be a

I have been watching the news and I have seen a few of these town hall meetings where congressmen and women attempt to answer questions from their constituents about the still being developed health care bill. But what I see are shouting matchings, where people stand up and yell like they're not even high school educated or have never been taught manors by their parents.

Just watching the meeting that senator McCaskill held today, I saw a large crowd of angry "citizens" attempt to hijack the town hall and the senator being dumbfounded with just how rude and ridiculous it all became. She took a question from someone that was worried that the new government option would have tax payer dollars spent to give women abortions. The crowd erupted in applause and cheers. The senator waited for the crowd to subside with a truly puzzled look on her face. She explained the misinformation to the crowd in a very easy to understand way, and yet they preferred to yell down the senator when she was speaking. My first response would have been: "well sir, do you know if the insurance company you now pay for uses your money for women to have abortions?" I guarantee you he wouldn't have a clue. Other then that, the government run plan is a mostly self sustained entity, not just relying on tax payer dollars but instead charging a premium to it's customers. The only difference is that it would be affordable and wouldn't be out to make insane profits.

The screaming crowds and loud protests outside of these town hall meetings wouldn't be such a big deal if they weren't fueled by a newfound level of absolute anger and vile. The republican party and the health insurance industry have taken this debate over health care reform, which is already a heated one, and thrown gasoline on the fire to drown out actual questions about the issue. The truly horrific thing about it is that they are using people's fears and ignorance about this issue to pump them full of malice and fury. Republicans are already pissed off that they have no power in their current government and that their party stands for absolutely nothing these days, they don't need much to rally behind. Well now they have commercials telling them how Obama is killing old people cause they're not worth keeping alive. Then they have former governor Palin saying that she fears having to go before "death panels" under Obama's plan. Then there are all of the endless mailers, emails and take home "packets" that are being sent around by the health insurance industry that are almost completely full of lies and fear mongering, mostly targeting seniors who rely heavily on our socialism based medicare.

It would be one thing if there was a true debate going on about health care, that would be healthy for the country and for this issue. But that's not the case. Don't call it a debate because these screaming mobs are not there to debate anything. They are there to make sure that nothing gets changed. They are there to make it on TV and youtube and they are so loud and obnoxious that the town hall achieves nothing. No real questions from concerned citizens are getting answered by their congressmen or women at these events. Nothing but hateful language being spewed so that is ALL you can listen to. They are denying real people from getting any kind of information or facts about the issue at all. Their mission is simple, SHUT THESE MEETINGS DOWN! Stop the Obama agenda at all costs.

Have you noticed that the republican party has no health care reform bill of their own to offer?

There this brilliant comparison on Rachel Maddow to the "shut it down" politics that came from the Bush camp during the 2000 election recount process. The "angry mob" that protested right outside the office door of officials that were actually doing the recount consisted almost completely of people that were employed by the republican party in one way or another. There was no public outrage there, just a well oiled political machine doing whatever it took to get back into power. Well funded lobbying firms and political party employees do not a protest make. To a large degree, the same is going on with health care.

And what cost will this come to? People showing up at protests with guns strapped their leg (obviously for intimidation). People getting into physical brawls in front of their representatives. Nazi swastikas being spray painted on congressman David Scott's office sign (who happens to be black). Posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache. Signs calling for the end of this "socialism based health care plan". Where the hell does all this come from? Do these people know what socialism is? What Hitler stood for? They obviously don't, they just know they're strong symbols of how much they hate. If you want to call this socialism, then explain it to me, how is it going to be socialism exactly? Nothing about this current plan indicates anything close to socialism. The Nazi bit I don't even need to comment on. There is no parallel between Obama and Hitler. None. If you hate somebody SO much that you need to call them Hitler then maybe you need to see a therapist, not go to a protest.

With no disrespect, you can tell that these people are completely ill informed and ignorant to the actual facts when it comes to this reform. When somebody screams a line like: "Keep the government out of my medicare!" then you know they are clueless about how the world operates. When a woman stands up at a meeting yelling that she doesn't want to live in a socialist country like Russia, then her credibility just went in the toilet. (Russia just has a lot of negative history behind it so she throws it out there). And why do they fear socialism so much in the first place? Why is it SUCH a horrible word?? Do they know anyone that's lived in a socialist country before and hated it? No. They hear Republicans using it as the new four letter word in politics. Like it would be such a disgusting experience to live in one of the European countries that is socialistic, or partly socialistic. Oh, and guess what....if you hate socialism so much then don't you ever accept social security or medicare. You're on your own cowboy.

One of the smarter things I heard senator McCaskill say was to a person yelling about another ridiculous claim and was on par to this: "that is NOT in the bill I will be voting on, I suggest you go to the website www.help.senate.gov and READ the actual bill before you claim to know what is in it. I have read all 615 pages and that is not in there." The protester shut up immediately. He had no facts to back up his wild claims.

These people don't KNOW what they are protesting. And that is the truly sick fact about all of this. How do you think they'd react if they realized this whole movement was started by people working for the republican party directly or for a Washington firm being funded by the insurance industry? They are essentially puppets in the right's attempt to just "shut things down". These people that scream at congressmen/woman at town halls aren't standing up for anything. They don't even know the facts about what is being debated in DC right now. Either they don't know, or they are employees for the corporations that make billions of dollars off of your poor health. And they know exactly why they're yelling down real debate over this.

Did you know that the top ten health care firms in this country had their profits jump 400 percent from the year 2000 to 2007? Most don't. How about the average health insurance CEO's annual salary is at $11.9 million right now? Not a clue. And are you aware that if you want to insure your family in the year 2016 that it will cost $36,000 a year at the current rate (between you and your employer)? No? So there is no reason the industry would want the status quo to be changed. They like their level of profit and they don't care about your well being. You can get cancer tomorrow and the first thing they're worried about is finding a way to drop your coverage or raise your rates. For profit health care is one of the most disgusting things about this society when you think about it. Yet there are the republicans, doing their bidding at events across the nation. Just so they can stay well funded. Do you think the uneducated protesters at these meetings know any of this? I doubt it.

So the health care industry pays for "grass root" protesters and starts a national yell off at town hall meetings across the nation. Angry republicans everywhere were thrilled to have an "issue" to grasp onto and to use it as another reason to display their hatred of our new president and everything and anything he might stand for. NEVER MIND that health care reform would be truly good for everyone. That even if you are in love with your health insurance, you could keep it under this plan and guess what? It would get cheaper instead of more expensive! How is that scary? How is that worth all this mob mentality?

I haven't heard a single argument that had any substance or that is a valid concern. Tell me HOW this will destroy the American way of life or turn it into a socialistic graveyard. Tell me why you are worried about the deficit NOW and not when Bush ran it up without end over the past few years (even though Obama has stated time and again that this reform will be paid for before he signs it). Explain to me why you are listening to a woman that sank your party's ticket last November and couldn't even cut it as a governor. Tell me why you think all of the sudden you'll have to wait for months to get procedures or tests that you think are so easy to come by now. Where did you read that all the illegal aliens in this country will get free health care thanks to your tax dollars? Who said that seniors are all of the sudden going to be "disposable"? Read to me the line in the bill that you are upset about. Tell me exactly why you think you're so angry and I will find you facts that disprove your worries. And if you do have a real concern over this health care reform then contact your congressperson directly and let them know. Don't have a shouting match in public just so you can prove that you are full of bitterness. But that's not going to happen.

Congressman Brad Miller actually got threats against his life if he held a town hall meeting, so he canceled his appearances and offered to sit down with his constituents one on one to address their issues and questions personally. They had the opportunity to actually get their concerns addressed and to let their representative understand their position on the issue. Guess how many people signed up for this rare opportunity? Not a single one. Cause they don't have real issues and they don't have real concerns. They're just a bunch of angry, uneducated people that are pissed off that their values are no longer in mainstream America and more then anything else, they are terrified that a black president is trying to change their country. And I am terrified to what lengths they will go to demonstrate their hatred. This is just over bettering our health care system. What will they be saying and doing when there's bigger changes to be made? What if Obama has to go to war or we get attacked by terrorists again? Will these people start shooting their representatives if they don't like how they react to it? What has to happen for the republican party to stop festering hatred and to stand for something again? They need to stop standing in the way of this country bettering itself and get a direction. Because right now they are the most un-American thing I have ever witnessed. Republicans don't want this country to succeed in any way, and they make no qualms about telling you just that. They only want to be pissed off at their lack of relevance and stand on the throats of the people they represent and say: "oh no you don't!"


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Aug. 13th, 2009 02:43 am (UTC)
I like how you call people you dont agree with uninformed, yet you're every bit the shill for the Left that you claim to despise in the people you dont agree with.

I'd like my check from "Big Insurance" now, thanks.
Aug. 13th, 2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
How else do you describe people screaming things like "keep the government out of my medicare"???? They obviously don't know that the government RUNS their medicare. They ARE uninformed. I have no issue with a debate, but lets debate facts, not the lies you heard on a scary commercial or on Glen Beck.
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 14th, 2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, and it's not even a large amount of Americans that are doing this but it's ALL you see on the news so it appears to be bigger then it is.
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