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And the Britney song came on!!!

Just in case you haven't seen this, I wanted to share with you all my new addiction. This song, and the video, have been on repeat on my computer for the past four days. It's like crack. I smile SO much when I watch this. It's like a happy drug that only lasts four minutes. I wanna be in Fire Island with these guys!


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Aug. 30th, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
hahah! I love it too. I'm trying to download it, I need a new (late) summer soundtrack

Why does Miley Cyrus think she can charge $1.29 for her iTunes instead of the usual $.99 each? Not like 30 cents is a lot, but when did that change?
Aug. 30th, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
A lot of people are charging more for songs. And it's not her, it's her label. Greedy fuckers. Let me send it to you, don't pay for it! :P
Aug. 30th, 2009 10:44 pm (UTC)
PS-I emailed it to ya already. :)
Aug. 31st, 2009 12:24 am (UTC)
I adore you! :)
Aug. 31st, 2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Well thanks. Ditto. :)
Aug. 31st, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)
I don't want to like this song. I really don't like her or her music... but this is infectious.

And I'm really digging this alternate video. ;)
Aug. 31st, 2009 06:21 pm (UTC)
Exactly! I HATE that I love this song. Miley Cirus kills me. But this song just overwelms my hatred and washes over me with gooey pop goodness.
Aug. 31st, 2009 12:45 am (UTC)
That's really a cool vid. :)
Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:02 am (UTC)
that was fun
Sep. 3rd, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
I wish it would have came out earlier, I would have spent all summer listening to it. :)
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