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My review of The Social Network.

I just got back from seeing what I will probably regard as the best movie of the year. I spent the entire ride home thinking about it. It's a movie that washes over you and comes back to you in waves at a time (and will do so for a long while I suspect).

I was amazed how a movie about a subject that the entire world knows already (at least in part) can seem so fresh and completely engrossing. The pacing is so quick that the words spewed out of Jesse Eisenberg's mouth at light speed, and before you know it you've just spent two hours in a theater. Trent Reznor's score is more akin to that of a suspense thriller and it gives the film more depth then I would guess a John Williams type score would achieve. Everything about it seemed to push it forward into almost epic territory.

The screenplay from Aaron Sorkin is sharp, witty, and gives the actors some of the most interesting and clever dialogue, that it deserves Oscar contention. I don't want to spoil anything for people that have yet to see the film, but one of the Winklevoss twins in a scene with his brother and friend puts forth one of the best lines I've ever heard. Some of these lines are so sharp and smart that most people's reaction will be awe, and something like "awww SHIT!" Another such line is uttered by Zuckerberg's girlfriend in the first scene that brilliantly sets up the movie's entire mood. Aside from the dialogue, the plot is split between the beginning of Facebook and a deposition taking place years later in a conference room. It helps give the film it's pace and keeps the film from staling or even slowing down for a second. It also gives the viewer two perspectives, the one of the characters at the beginning of their venture, and another of how it tore most of them to shreds and rewarded them more money then they could have imagined.

The direction is amazing, and I'm impressed that David Fincher has gone from Fight Club and Seven to more subtle but complicated fare like Zodiac and now The Social Network. And that he's doing it so damn well. He is the ring master that brings every element together and throws it in your face in a very self assured way. He should be getting an Oscar nod as well. He's probably crafted the movie that will, to my utter sickness, define this decade.

Lastly, I can't think of one miscast actor in this movie. Everybody is pitch perfect and seems born to play these roles. Jesse Eisenberg is so uncordial and calculated that his eyes seem to be made of ice. He obviously hasn't a clue how to communicate with people, but he is supremely talented and certainly cares about the social class that he's represented in (his almost bromantic crush on Timberlake's character shows this beautifully). It's an odd and mesmerizing combination to see, and had to be insanely complicated to represent in character. Somebody that wants nothing more then to be cool but would never be able to fill the part if he were thought of in that way. Aside from Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake proves that he can really act and pulls out all the stops, proving his snake-like douchbagness as the inventor of Napster. The only likable person in the mix is Zuckerberg's "best friend" Eduardo. He's soft spoken, business minded and for some reason cares about what happens to Mark. This proves to be fruitless, even though he has done nothing but support Zuckerberg every step of the way.

At the last scene I had a single feeling in my gut that sums up the main character, and in turn the entire movie....pity. One of the final lines is Zuckerburg telling someone: "You know, I'm not a bad person." While that may be true, it surely doesn't mean he's a good person either. Even as Zuckerberg sits there with his vast $6billion personal wealth, I pity him. For all his money and connections and social status, with all the resources one could ever accumulate in a lifetime, none of it....not a single piece of it....would make you like him.

On a personal note, I must say this movie had an effect on me. For one, it made me want to write. I haven't felt that need in a long time. In the first scene of angry blogging, the main character fires up his laptop and what is displayed? Livejournal! I saw it and squealed on the inside.....how 2003! I even remember trying to join Facebook when it was still college student's only. Maybe it was the fond recollection of my blogging days that made me write this. But either way, I think I should write some more. My inner nerd was definitely turned on by this film.


Oct. 1st, 2010 09:36 pm (UTC)
It's really really good. You should definitely find time to go see it. Everything about it is just outstanding. I realize how the premise sounds, but they made the subject matter downright riveting.