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What's next?

It's been clear for awhile now that the Republicans have had NOTHING to of substance to say, but when your right wing agenda creator, Fox News, has to run a bit like this, then you know they're just full of shit and can't handle how insignificant they have become. Seriously Hannity, SERIOUSLY?

I wasn't planning on ranting, but by gawd. It's bad enough that the republicans are happy just sitting around and screaming no about everything while providing no kind of leadership in any way when there are huge issues to be tackled.....but when they have to resort to TEA PARTIES (laughable at best), and "listening tours" that aren't listening tours after Rush Limbaugh says so, then they're just becoming a joke. And now they're reporting on presidential mustard consumption. Cause EVERYTHING that a republican doesn't like must be unamerican. When are they going to realize that they don't corner the market on being "American"? Or knowing what patriotic is? How about all you republicans take a page out of Arlen Specter's book and look at your party and how divisive and mean spirited it has become. And how completely useless it is making itself. The answer is not to grasp onto your southern/confederate roots and try to push the country back to the days when women had no vote and gays were killed freely. That's just not going to work anymore. And for the last time....Rush Limbaugh is a jack ass! Stop doing everything he tells you to!! It's embarrassing to you and it's embarrassing to your party. I mean, did you check out how he rationalized that the economy isn't really happening since he has a $400 million contract? (Never mind that the employer that paid him said contract just cut 12,000 jobs that could have been financed with his salary!). Yeah, he's so rich that the economy is just fine. COME ON! How do you follow such a shit head around like a lost puppy? Right wing or left wing, how do you NOT see how much of an asshole this man is? And yet here is the republican party....taking points from this asshole while propping up "Joe the Plumber" as he goes around saying he "doesn't want gays near his kids". Good...fun...yeah, way to enlighten the young ones "Joe". And if the republicans keep saying how happy they are to lose Specter and how he should take McCain and Powel with him, then I think the democratic party is gonna grow leaps and bounds. While we will have a bigger and bigger tent with different thoughts and ideas, the republicans can sit in the sidelines and provide us with our comedic needs....cause they are getting awfully laughable.

Check out this interesting new Time article as well.

Hotness in Journalism

It has come to my attention that I am in love with quite a few journalists these days. Why is it that these anchors and correspondents are SO unbelievably hot? Take a gander:

Hottie BBC journalist with the best accent!

Hottie Iraq correspondent for NBC.

Hottie CNN weatherman. SMOLDERING hot!

And the hottest of all hotness....my beloved, Anderson Cooper. Ahhhh.

Can you tell that I'm horny and I watch too much news?

You've got amnesia

Watching the charming movie "You've Got Mail" on the tele today, I am reminded of a simpler time of internet usage. I often think of the time of America Online and dial-up (circa 1996) with great fondness. I loved chatting with strangers in random chat rooms and then finding instant message friends from across the country. It was all so new and amazing at the time. There were so many nights that I stayed awake well past three AM chatting with people and having the best time.

At one point I had acquired an online admirer from San Francisco. Mind you, there is no way to prove that anything he said was the truth, but that was a huge part of the AOL appeal back then really. His name was Peter, he went to Stanford and was quite wealthy. I loved talking to him online, and eventually even on the telephone. He would send me postcards from everywhere he would travel to (which included New Orleans, Paris, the Caribbean, Boston, and other more "woodsy" destinations). They were always very well written and reminded me of some sort of Victorian romance correspondence. I kept them all actually, and they are now placed in a book with many other pictures and such from my life back then. Peter would send me birthday presents and such all the time, I couldn't believe how thoughtful he was (one time it was over $100 in gift cards).

In all the time I talked to him, it never occurred to me that we should "date" in real life. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe because it wasn't something I thought the internet was able to do.....hook couples up in reality. At some point though Peter must have gotten disheartened because he fell off the face of the Earth. He had just inherited his grandmother's flat in Paris and was buying furniture for it when he seemed to disappear (seriously, he inherited an entire floor in a great part of Paris). Over the past few years I have tried to find him again, but to no avail. I still remember his screen name to this day, and I wonder what would have happened if we actually did start a relationship. Maybe I'd be sipping coffee at my favorite cafe in Paris right now while I take a break from shopping with my husband's money. *sigh*

For all the reminiscing I do about AOL days, I suppose things are better today. I do still remember the busy signals and the wait to actually get online. And if you wanted to download a picture, prepare to sit around for a half an hour. It was quite frustrating at times. And don't get me started about the billing. The first month or so, not knowing the different packages, I racked up a bill of $275. So while I think of the time positively, I probably would have given anything for the internet to be as fast as it is today. One thing I do kinda miss are the chat rooms. I could literally go into different chat rooms and just start talking about anything. And usually you'd find somebody with similar tastes that would talk to you. Nowadays it's nothing but sex talk or spam about some website. I haven't found a single chat room where you just went in and talked with people. But so is the price of being able to download entire porn films in three minutes, read seven blogs and watch a video about a singing fish on youtube all at the same time. Oh progress.


Don't ask me why, but after a bit on Keith Olbermann's show a few weeks ago, and now this video:

I officially have a crush on Seth MacFarlane. NO IDEA why. He's not even that cute. But man, I'm sure he could make me laugh like there's no tomorrow, he would only have to do Stewie over and over. :)


One of the only semi-funny bits on SNL this past weekend....

Seth Rogan does look a lot better these days though, I must say. But my heart will always beat for Seth Meyers, he's just too cute.

It's about time

From the look of this picture, and from video in Iraq, I think it's safe to say we finally have a president that we are all proud of. And it's a beautiful thing:

I wanna twot all over the place!

Sorry, but I TOTALLY agree with this video. I just can't figure out what purpose Twitter serves. I still like phone calls...

Do you even remember the day...

The weather has been getting a tad better these days and occasionally we'll have a great day where you can actually go outside and appreciate it. Even though, my idea of outdoor fun is taking my nieces to the park. How things have changed. I still went and found some new tunes that I would love to blast out of my window while driving through town. Most of them are just face paced Euro pop, but I love it. Just picture yourself driving in an old Altima, a stereo system that costs more then the car, the windows down, sitting in traffic in the gayborhood in Philly and watching the locals sing along with you. :) (I've even had gay guys break out in dance right there on the corner before). Here are a few to brighten your day:

Calvin Harris- I'm Not Alone (LOVE this one!)

Frankmusik- Better Off As Two (doesn't he kinda sound like he might be deaf? I dunno)

MJ-Smooth Criminal Remix (new spin on a classic)

Ciara and JT- Love and Sex and Magic (pretty catchy, but not mind blowing)

Friendly Fire- Skeleton Boy (not exactly euro pop, but I still love it)

I wanna go for a ride!

Childhood Memories

I was reminded of a moment in my childhood today while listening to This American Life and I kinda feel the urge to write something.Collapse )

Childhood Memories Part 2

Look at that, I feel like writing some more...Collapse )